Developing Queensland trade, tourism and the automotive industries

Boosting the South East Queensland economy

As an economic driver, IMETT generates significant income from visitors to the region, as well as ongoing television coverage on a national and international basis.

IMETT’s focus on international events will attract international visitors to the South East Queensland region, and prolong the stay of those already visiting the region.

The important automotive industry

Underpinning all things motorsport is the growth and development of the automotive industry.

IMETT recognises the importance of this association and provides a foundation to lift the auto industry and the motorsport industry to a level previously not seen in Australia.

Business parks specifically designed for automotive, motorsport, technology and service/support industries will create a complementary environment and international hub for automotive innovation.

Gold Coast trade development

International and national trade development is a priority for most governments – increasing export trade benefits everyone. The Gold Coast is in an ideal location and time zone to optimise business and tourist potential with Asia, the Middle East, North and South America and New Zealand, and to facilitate the development and growth of new industries.

The integrated facilities of IMETT are a natural lure to high-level technology-centred organisations. They create a platform for the development of motorsport and the export of associated skills and services.

Queensland tourism development

Event tourism has become increasingly popular on a global stage, with thousands of sports fans following event programs around the world annually. IMETT will attract a series of high profile international and national events and this, of course, translates to valuable tourist income and jobs for locals.

Designed to create a sustainable tourism development, including a botanical park, world-class theme park, entertainment facilities and a motor racing museum, IMETT is equipped to maintain a stream of tourism all year round.

Contact us for more information about trade and tourism opportunities IMETT will bring to Queensland and the Gold Coast.

Strategies have been developed to create a sustainable and responsible environment