18 December 2015 - Christmas Update Message

After a period of low profile activity, I am delighted to re-confirm that the IMETT Project at Norwell is very much alive, and that the IMETT management team has continued working quietly behind the scenes to progress the Project.

This has been achieved despite a very challenging year that started with an early state election in Queensland.   This resulted in a change of government, and the need to allow time for the new government to settle in.   

This meant the IMETT management team had to work harder in presenting the Project but fortunately a stable management team, long term consistency, bold concepts and the high quality documentation that underpinned the IMETT Project made the task easier. The quality of the IMETT research, data base and documentation was best demonstrated through a series of industry reports that were developed internally, and made freely available to the wider community for download via the IMETT website on a progressive basis following their various release dates in 2012 and 2013.  

It soon became very clear there was a dearth of detailed information and comment in the marketplace, with some 7,000 downloads of the IMETT reports being recorded to the end of November.  In addition, those IMETT industry reports have subsequently been referred to as the source of reference for a number of external media print articles and feature stories across Australia.

These moments have confirmed that the IMETT Project is cutting edge, and that IMETT has emerged as an industry leader, despite the delay in “breaking ground”.

There is no doubt the IMETT Project is a good news story.    

Apart from the more obvious vote of confidence in the long term Queensland economy from the significant financial investment in the IMETT Project, the community (Australian, Queensland and Gold Coast) will benefit enormously from the creation of more than 2,000 jobs during the construction phase, 5,000 new jobs in the operational phase, the development of new community infrastructure, the development of new world-class tourism and motorsport infrastructure, the establishment of major events, and educational facilities.

The development of any major project, however, is complex and the negotiation of project funding and the necessary international partnerships can take many years to achieve. The flagship IMETT Project is no different, but we have been encouraged by the enthusiasm and support of our various partners.

IMETT is looking forward to 2016 and telling more of the story.

In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the IMETT team to wish our readers and supporters all the very best for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Ron Brown

Managing Director

23 July 2014 - IMETT Welcomes Draft Gold Coast City Plan 2015

IMETT Group has welcomed the release of the draft Gold Coast City Plan 2015, and its plans to investigate the suitability of an area within the city’s agricultural cane lands for use as a tourism related adrenalin precinct.

A number of motorsport facilities already operate within the cane lands area, including the Holden Performance Driving Centre, the Offroad Rush Experience, the WRX Experience and a Kart track.

IMETT has also proposed the development of an international standard motorsport precinct within the cane lands that will include a world class motor racing circuit that could co-exist with those established facilities.  In addition, the IMETT Project could also provide a home for the community motorsport clubs that have struggled to find a permanent home on the Gold Coast over recent years.

A permanent motor racing circuit in the cane fields would also allow the existing motorsport industry cluster at Yatala to take the next step and grow into a world class centre offering high technology employment and increased export opportunities.    

Arrangements for the purchase of suitable cane land for the IMETT Project is well advanced and, given the current poor prospects and concern for the economic viability of the sugar industry in the district, IMETT has agreed to continue its support of the existing sugar industry during the transition period. 

IMETT Group’s continuing commitment to the development of its flagship project at Norwell, and the effective underwriting of the area’s land values, has already enabled many sugar farmers to remain in the industry longer than may have otherwise been the situation, however the need to plan for change is important. 

IMETT Group hopes to release more information about the IMETT Project later this year.

See the article in todays Gold Coast Bulletin - Adrenalin Park Plans for Cane Fields

19 May 2014 - IMETT Mourns the Passing of Sir Jack Brabham

IMETT Group is sad to learn of the passing of Sir Jack Brabham at his home on the Gold Coast earlier today.

Sir Jack was the first Australian to win the Formula One World Driver’s Championship, and the first driver to win a World Driver’s Championship in a car bearing his name.

In doing so, he inspired Australians from all walks of life to proudly walk on the world motorsport stage, competing with the very best whether it was as a driver, designer, technician, administrator or official.

Motorsport organisations in Australia, such as IMETT Group, can trace their origins back to the high standards and fine example set by Sir Jack Brabham, and he leaves a wonderful legacy for motorsport in this country.

IMETT Group extends its condolences to his wife, Lady Margaret, sons Geoff, Gary and David, and grandsons Matthew, Sam, Jason and Finn.

25 October 2013 - Channel Seven Flashback Segment to Feature IMETT Project

The IMETT Project will be included in the weekly Flashback segment on the 6.00pm news on Channel Seven in Brisbane this Sunday 27th October 2013.    This week’s flashback will feature a story on the defunct Bullens’ Lions Park at Yatala, as well as the defunct Darlington Park Raceway, before updating the progress with the IMETT Project at Norwell on the northern Gold Coast.

4 June 2013 - Community Motorsport is Important to the Gold Coast

For more than a century, community motorsport has played an essential role in binding both rural and urban communities.

Community motorsport clubs generally developed their own motorsport infrastructure and facilities, often with volunteer labour and the donation of equipment and services from the community in which they live.

Unlike many other community sporting clubs and associations, community motorsport clubs also maintained their motorsport facilities at minimal cost to the broader community or to local government.

Community motorsport contributes significantly to the community in many ways, especially by providing an economic stimulus.

This factor is often underappreciated because it usually involves everyday families and individuals getting on with life without any fuss.

Whilst they quietly enjoy their motorsport, they are spending valuable dollars in the local community purchasing new or second hand karts or motocross bikes, protective race clothing, specialised racing parts and equipment, trailers to transport their racing equipment, fuels and oils for their racing machinery, and food and drink at the track or on the way home from race meetings, amongst others.

This direct expenditure is then re-circulated in the community to create further indirect expenditure, with the multiple establishing the economic impact.

There is no doubt that the flow on from the Council’s decision to close the Reedy Creek Motocross Circuit, and to restrict the operations of the Gold Coast Motocross Club, the Albert & District Motorcycle Club, and the Mike Hatcher Junior Motorcycle Club has had a significant financial impact on the many small businesses that serviced the participants and competitors who were members of the various community motorsport clubs.

Unfortunately there are no official measures to record the true impact.

The available anecdotal evidence, however, has suggested the economic impact to Gold Coast businesses conservatively represented a loss of between $15 million and $20 million per annum.

Community motorsport clubs and infrastructure also play an important role in the development of responsible drivers and riders.

Community motorsport on the Gold Coast has been the starting point for a number of motorsport World Champions and other successful motorsport competitors who have distinguished themselves at the highest levels worldwide.

Well-structured community motorsport clubs offer entry level opportunities for young drivers and riders that encourage a responsible approach to driver and rider education and training at an early age.

It is often a factor that is forgotten by individuals, communities, and elected representatives in their desire to remove community motorsport clubs from long standing facilities due to the encroachment of residential development.

Community motorsport provides a venue for young drivers and riders to develop the cognitive, motivational, attitudinal and perceptual factors that influence driver and rider judgement, risk assessment and decision making in a controlled environment and under supervision.

IMETT has long expressed an interest in working with Gold Coast based community motorsport clubs with a view to having interested clubs co-locate to the IMETT precinct.   This could include motocross, karting, speedway, and car clubs involved in gymkhana activities.

IMETT has also offered to work with community motorsport clubs to acquire suitable land, and to assist in the development of appropriate motorsport infrastructure for those clubs.  

IMETT is proud to re-confirm its support for the community motorsport sector, and urges the Gold Coast City Council to consider all of the potential options for bringing senior participation in community motorsport back to the Gold Coast


17 May 2013 - IMETT Project to Expand Queensland's Capability in Driver Education

Driver Education and Training is an essential part of the process that allows a driver or rider to operate a motor vehicle on public roads.  

It has evolved over a century of motoring into a structured process whereby novice drivers and riders gain a graduated licence that reflects contemporary thinking based on experience.

Despite this process, the driver and rider education programme has suffered from the lack of a comprehensive network of high quality driver and rider education and training centres that offer a variety of road conditions and learning environments.

Queensland is home to two of the better driver education and training centres in Australia however the state’s population has almost doubled since the most recent centre opened in 1991.

Since that time, community expectation has also increased as improved levels of car safety equipment and improved road construction and design have resulted in a significant reduction in the number of fatal road crashes.

Statistics show that 17-24 year olds in Queensland are over represented in road crashes, and that this age group have a higher level of driving risk than more experienced drivers.

Unfortunately driving experience takes time to acquire.  However additional purpose built driver and rider education centres, complemented by appropriate education and training programmes, would enable young drivers and riders to improve their level of skills more quickly.

IMETT Group has proposed incorporating a high quality driver education and training facility as part of its flagship IMETT Project at Norwell, a facility that will be based on the world’s best practice. 

More importantly it will expand the opportunities available to a wider number of young drivers and riders than is currently possible through the current facilities.   As such, the proposed new IMETT Driver Education facilities will complement the existing driver training facilities at Mount Cotton and the Performance Driving Centre.

In addition, IMETT recognises the important role of community motorsport and social programmes such as the Blue Light Drags programmes as part of the education and training process for young drivers and riders.  

Accordingly IMETT will work with community motorsport clubs on the Gold Coast to co-locate to the IMETT precinct where their good work in educating and training young competitors can be continued.

Similarly, IMETT will work with the Queensland Police and other community based organisations and individuals to introduce the IMETT Drive Safe programme for young drivers and riders.  This programme will build on the past successes of the Blue Light Drag programmes operated by various Police Forces around Australia to provide a social aspect to driver and rider education and training.

IMETT Group has documented these initiatives in a new report, Driver Education Report 2013, which may be downloaded now from the IMETT website.


5 May 2013 - IMETT Project Master Plan Update

The IMETT Christmas Newsletter issued on 20th December 2012 provided an update on the flagship IMETT Project at Norwell.     That newsletter also advised that IMETT hoped to be able to present the Master Plan in March/April 2013.

It is now appropriate, therefore, to provide a further update.

In late 2012 and early 2013, IMETT Group was referred to a number of highly regarded international organisations keen to explore potential commercial opportunities as part of the IMETT Project.

During subsequent discussions, IMETT became aware a number of these opportunities had the potential to impact significantly on the Master Plan itself.  

Accordingly, IMETT took the decision to wait until those discussions had progressed to the point where a decision could be made whether or not to incorporate those opportunities.

As previously advised, FORREC Limited of Toronto, Canada will lead the Master Planning for the IMETT Project, as well as the Master Planning for the IMETT theme park, whilst Tilke GmbH of Aachen, Germany will lead the Master Planning for the motorsport elements.

Entertainment and Culture Advisors of Beverly Hills, USA is the world’s leading company in providing economic assessments on major leisure projects, as well as for capacity planning for theme parks.    ECA will work with FORREC to provide the technical reports necessary to support the Master Planning process.

In addition, IMETT has conducted a number of meetings with its Australian based consultants regarding the Master Planning process.

Cardno HRP’s Gold Coast office will provide the Town Planning advice in support of the Master Planning, and will co-ordinate the various planning requirements and technical assessments that will be provided by the preferred Gold Coast and Brisbane based consultants.  

We are now almost at the end of that process and additional meetings in the coming fortnight should finalise the strategy.

10 April 2013 - IMETT Industry Reports Have Been A Hit Worldwide

The IMETT Project has captured the interest of the world, with the IMETT website being regularly accessed by motorsport and theme park enthusiasts in a wide variety of countries on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica.

The number of unique visitors to IMETT’s website has also dramatically increased since Christmas 2012 when IMETT progressively uploaded three of the company’s internal research reports.  

The level of interest in IMETT’s quality documentation has been amazing.

To the week ending 07th April 2013, a total of 1,005 reports had been downloaded, comprising 445 copies of the Queensland Motorsport Industry 2012 Reports, 315 copies of the South East Queensland Theme Park Industry 2012 Reports, and 245 copies of the Rocky Point Sugar Industry 2012 Reports.   In addition, a further 369 copies of the IMETT Community Information Brochure 2010 had also been downloaded in the same timeframe.

Considering that IMETT had not actively promoted the availability of those reports other than an advice to IMETT’s Friends of Facebook, it confirms the eyes of the world are on the IMETT Project.

This bodes well for the Gold Coast motorsport and tourism industries that stand to be major winners from the many benefits the IMETT Project will bring to the Gold Coast.

15 January 2013 - IMETT Project Offers Transition Plan for Sugar Growers

The sugar industry on the Gold Coast is in decline with falling production, ageing farmers and increasing costs impacting on future plans.

Despite ongoing structural and financial support from all sectors of government (Commonwealth, State and local) over the past two decades, overall production is down some 39% and current production is well below the stated industry levels of 290,000 tonnes required for commercial viability.

The IMETT Project has however already provided serious support for the sugar growers since 2006 by offering a floor price for sugar cane land that is substantially above market value, with all farmers benefiting from the IMETT offer, not just those selling to IMETT.

In addition, the IMETT Project has provided a transition plan for the farmers to exit the industry as was recommended by the Regional Advisory Group (South) in their “Report Into the Reform of the Sugar Industry in the South Region” issued in August 2005. This report also noted a five year timeframe of continued production over the next five years (2005-2009) was consistent with the planning restrictions for the district.

The report was developed on behalf of the Commonwealth Government, and amongst its seven member panel was the current Rocky Point Mill owner, Mr David Heck.

Some eight years later the only positive opportunity facing sugar cane farmers is the IMETT Project. The IMETT transition plan provides for higher land prices that will provide security for banks and the retirement plans for farmers, the possibility of part time or full time employment for those currently employed in the sugar industry, a realistic opportunity for extending the life of the current industry beyond its “current use by date” for those wishing to maintain sugar cane farming, and dignity for all.All of this without any government funding.


29 December 2012 - Gold Coast Would Benefit from a New Theme Park

The Gold Coast tourism industry would benefit significantly from the development of a new theme park on the Gold Coast.

The total visitor numbers to the Gold Coast has remained static over the past decade according to Tourism Queensland statistics, and research has demonstrated that an increase in visitor numbers could be achieved through the development of a new theme park.

The opening of the Whitewater World water park by Ardent Leisure in December 2006 resulted in the overall water park attendances on the Gold Coast doubling in less than 3 years.  This was due to the existing water park operator developing new attractions to meet the challenge of new competition, as well as a significantly larger marketing budget from having two operators compete in the market.

The IMETT Group has proposed the development of a new theme park on the Gold Coast, and the company today released an internal SEQ Theme Park Industry Report that offered an insight into the current status of the local theme park industry, and a strategy to compete against the new generation of much larger and brand name theme parks in the Asian region.

A copy of the IMETT report, SEQ Theme Park Industry Report 2012, can be downloaded from the IMETT website under the download tab.


20 December 2012 - Christmas Update Message

The IMETT Project, proposed for Norwell on the northern Gold Coast region, is now back firmly on the agenda.

Following the decisive result in the Queensland State Election in March that resulted in a change of government, IMETT allowed time for the new government to settle in before initiating new talks with the Co-ordinator General.   In addition, IMETT met with the new Mayor of the Gold Coast and received a positive response to the proposed IMETT Project.

As a result, IMETT has been offered a number of options to progress the planning approvals process, and the Board is currently considering those options

IMETT was also heartened by the positive community support that followed a series of news stories in the Gold Coast Sun community newspaper, and it was encouraging that all of the published Letters to the Editor were in favour of the project proceeding.   IMETT was not surprised by this result as this level of community support had been consistent over the six year period since the Queensland Government first suggested the Norwell location in May 2006.

More importantly, the IMETT Project has continued to attract substantial support from around the world, with an increasing number of “blue chip” project partners and co-locaters that are leaders in their fields of endeavour seeking out IMETT to propose some exciting opportunities.

There is no doubt that the IMETT Project has quite rightly been recognised as one of the world’s more exciting integrated developments, for which there is no precedent in Australia.

To ensure the IMETT project is world class, IMETT has engaged the leading Canadian company, Forrec Ltd, to develop the Master Plan for the IMETT precinct, as well as the Master Plan for the IMETT theme park.   Forrec is widely recognised as being the world’s most pre-eminent designer of themed precincts and theme parks, and is looking forward to working with IMETT in developing the IMETT Project.

In addition, IMETT has engaged the leading German company, Tilke GmbH, to develop the Master Plan for the international standard motor racing circuit.   Tilke has designed the majority of the current FIA Formula One Grand Prix circuits, and well as a number of other motor racing circuits that, in total, number more than 60 worldwide.    Tilke has been working with IMETT since 2004, and is looking to add Australia to its international atlas of countries where it has developed exciting new opportunities.       

IMETT is expecting to be able to present these Master Plans for community consideration in March/April 2013.   I am confident the community will be just as excited by the results as we are to present them.

Local consultants will also play their part in developing the Master Planning for the IMETT precinct, including the majority of those who developed the various reports that formed part of the IMETT Environmental Impact Statement in 2010.  These will be the first of many jobs that will be created by the IMETT project.

In fact, the IMETT Project is expected to create some 2,000 new jobs during the construction phase, and a further 5,000 new jobs during the ongoing operational phase.   This will make the IMETT Project the Gold Coast’s largest single new job creation project and, given the levels of unemployment on the Gold Coast, those IMETT jobs will offer timely relief for local families. 

IMETT anticipates being able to accept employment applications online, via the IMETT website, during the second quarter of 2013.

In the meantime, and on behalf of the entire IMETT team, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Ron Brown

Managing Director

15 December 2012 - IMETT Queensland Motor Industry Report

The economic impact of the motorsport industry to Queensland has been found to be very significant, according to a research recently conducted by IMETT Group.    

It was estimated that the motorsport industry in Queensland had an annual turnover of $320 million, employed approx. 3,500 people, and had an estimated $430 million invested in motorsport infrastructure and competition cars and motorcycles in 2011.

It was also estimated that one quarter of all Queenslanders had attended a motorsport event in the previous year, either as a competitor, pit crew, race official, or as a spectator.

The motorsport industry is significant to the Queensland economy, and its potential for high technology transfer and development has the ability to strengthen and diversify the state’s economy into the future.

The IMETT Group has proposed the development of an international standard motor racing circuit on the Gold Coast, and has engaged the highly respected German company, Tilke GmbH, to design the circuit.   Tilke have designed the majority of the world’s leading FIA Formula One Grand Prix circuits.

A copy of the IMETT report, Queensland Motorsport Industry Report 2012, can be downloaded from the IMETT website under the download tab.


10 October 2012 - IMETT Project "back on the grid"

IMETT Group Managing Director, Mr Ron Brown, confirms the proposed IMETT Project at Norwell on the northern Gold Coast is “back on the grid”, as reported in the Gold Coast Sun newspaper (Wednesday 10th October 2012).

The story, quoting local Councillor and Deputy Mayor Donna Gates, noted the IMETT Project is “definitely back on the agenda and up for discussion, following a recent approach to the mayor’s office”.

IMETT senior management have met with the Queensland Co-ordinator General, as well as the Mayor of the Gold Coast, to confirm their interest and to explore the most appropriate means to work through the approvals process.  

Both parties have presented a range of options that are currently being assessed by IMETT senior management, who will also be meeting with representatives of the Gold Coast City Council’s Planning sub-committee in
the coming week as the next step in the process. Cr Gates is a member of that sub-committee.


1 September 2012 - IMETT Project Presented to Key Decision Makers

The IMETT Project has been “front and centre” on the agenda of the key decision makers in South East Queensland over recent times.

With the Queensland economy still in a re-building phase after a series of natural disasters in 2011, major projects such as the IMETT Project represent a critical “vote of confidence” in the long term future of Queensland in general, and the Gold Coast in particular. 

IMETT has met with the Co-ordinator General, the Mayor of the Gold Coast, local State and Federal politicians, and key business leaders as part of the approvals process.

The IMETT Project has been well received and, as a result, IMETT management is considering a range of options for having the project approved.

12 July 2012 - IMETT Has Re-started Approvals Process

Following the recent Queensland State Election, and the subsequent change of government, IMETT waited a little while for the new government to settle in before re-presenting the IMETT Project at Norwell.

IMETT has now re-started the process, and hopefully this application will be approved by the Co-ordinator General.

The IMETT Project represents a private sector investment estimated at some $830 million, the creation of 2,000 new jobs in the construction industry and a further 5,000 new jobs in ongoing operations, the boost to the Gold Coast tourism industry arising from a new international standard motor racing circuit (and international and national motorsport events every month) as well as a new theme park, and an educational institute.

Early approval of the IMETT Project could see construction commence as early as 2013.

10 December 2011 - Christmas Message from IMETT

2011 has been an interesting year, and I would like to take this opportunity to provide our readers with an update on what has been happening at IMETT.

I am pleased to advise IMETT is still active, and the IMETT Project is very much alive!

Whilst the announcement by the Queensland Co-ordinator General in December 2010 was disappointing, IMETT recognised that there were many within Government who understood the strategic significance of the IMETT Project, and the very positive benefits for the broader community.

As a result IMETT initiated a series of meetings with senior government Ministers and Officials during the first half of the year to re-confirm the interest of government, and to determine the level of interest in receiving a new submission. 

IMETT was very encouraged by both the welcome, as well as the verbal and written requests to re-submit the Project.

To this extent IMETT has been quietly working to refine and develop elements of the IMETT business model, as well as the Precinct Master Plan, in preparation for a possible new submission.   

At the same time, IMETT had already assembled a world class management group in late 2010 in expectation of a positive decision by the Queensland Co-ordinator General, and IMETT now needed to explore possible opportunities to utilise this team.

As a result, a high level review was undertaken by the IMETT Board and Senior Management team to bring forward elements of the IMETT business plan that could be achieved through the acquisition of existing infrastructure in related areas.

A number of potential opportunities have been identified and assessed, with several exciting opportunities having progressed further to the detailed investigation stage. 

In the meantime another year has passed, with the IMETT team working solidly to deliver a world class project with positive benefits for Australia.  2012 is looking very bright indeed.

On behalf of the IMETT team, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

 Ron Brown

Managing Director

1 May 2011 - IMETT Identified in Australian Muscle Car Magazine

Luke West’s Editorial in Australian Muscle Car magazine issue 55 (May/June 2011) features a story line that talks about the possibility of Australia gaining new motor racing circuits and, in particular, identifies the IMETT Project. 

A copy of the Editorial is attached for easy reference, and the article is reproduced with permission from Australian Muscle Car magazine.


1 March 2011 - IMETT to Re-submit Queensland Motorsport Project

Queensland’s ‘motorsport mecca’ is still on the horizon, with confirmation that IMETT Group Pty Ltd will resubmit its Gold Coast project to the State Government.

The new submission follows the Co-ordinator General’s shock announcement late last year not to approve the company’s Environmental Impact Statement for public and advisory agency comment, and advice that the Significant Project Status had lapsed.

IMETT Managing Director Ron Brown said the company was disappointed by the announcement, as IMETT had been working closely with Government for some time and had adjusted the EIS document to address changing Government requirements on several occasions before its formal lodgement.

More ...

16 December 2010 – Government Announcement Not The End

In a shock announcement, and despite months of consultation with his Department, the Co-ordinator General advised that he was not satisfied that the IMETT Environmental Impact Statement met the requirements addressed in the Terms of Reference.

IMETT Managing Director, Ron Brown, expressed his disappointment and confusion with the Co-ordinator General’s decision, but is not dismayed with the decision.

“Having worked closely with the Government for some time, we can only assume this decision is a mistake. If this isn’t the case, it is quite a significant sacrifice in terms of employment and private sector investment,” he said.

“However, this is unequivocally not the end of the road for IMETT – in fact, its far from it! We are now calling on our supporters to help show the State Government that their decision is misguided and fight for the chance of review relevant documentation before the project is lost to Queensland.”

IMETT supporters can join the IMETT Facebook page, follow Twitter for regular news and blog updates.

8 November 2010 – Formal EIS Lodged

IMETT has formally lodged its formal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) following eight years of planning and development, and months of consultation with the Queensland Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

The Government will now review the document in lieu of a community consultation period to be announced in the coming weeks.

29 September 2010 – More Time Given To Meet Changed EIS Parameters
The Co-ordinator General has granted IMETT an extension of time to complete significant changes to the original Terms of Reference outlined for the Environmental Impact Statement.

While the changes will require additional reporting and more detail, they will ensure that all required information is contained in the documentation when distributed for public comment.

The final Environmental Impact Statement can now be submitted by 17 December 2010.

13 July 2010 – Changed Scope for Third EIS

The Department of Planning and Infrastructure had a change of heart in suggesting IMETT include the total land area in its Environmental Impact Statement. Instead of increasing the land area, the Department requested IMETT reduce that shown within the report so as not to confuse the issue. The Department has also sought additional changes outside the original EIS scope, as outlined in the Terms of Reference.

While this will result in additional time and reporting, it is understood that the final changes signify the last steps in the EIS development process and aid the development of the final document.

All amendments to the original requirements have been received in writing.

22 April 2010 – IMETT follows Government lead

The second draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was submitted following advice from the Government to include the total land area and supplement the technical information with some ‘selling’ information.

It is understood that the Government believed the community should also have the opportunity to review the benefits of the project as well as the science behind it.

17 December 2009 – Draft EIS Lodged

After seven years of planning and development, IMETT has lodged the first draft of its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

While the deadline and the requirement for a completed document is still some months away, the draft was submitted at a meeting to confirm that the general approach was in line with the expectations of the Department of Planning and Infrastructure prior to community consultation.

A meeting was arranged with the Department to discuss the document and its detail.

August 2009 - IMETT Project Makes Good Progress with EIS

IMETT continues to make good progress on the Environmental Impact Statement despite the challenges of the past year. These included the Global Economic Crisis, Swine Flu, and a State Election in Queensland together with the associated re-shuffle of Cabinet Ministers and the Public Service.
Understandably for a project of this size, the Terms of Reference for the Environmental Impact Statement were comprehensive, which has involved considerable activity behind the scenes.  
Ongoing discussion and negotiations with Government agencies continue on a regular basis, and IMETT is hopeful that the Environmental Impact Statement may be lodged for initial review in the not-to-distant future.
IMETT thanks its many supporters for their continued interest and support during this time.

July 2009 - Government Releases South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031

The Queensland State Government released the updated South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 on 28th July 2009.  The Plan provides a comprehensive overview of the planning intentions for the South East Queensland Region for the period 2009-2031. Whilst the Plan does not specifically mention individual projects such as the IMETT Project, it does lay out the framework for development planning that will assist IMETT in the completion of its Environmental Impact Statement, and the subsequent development if approved.
To view the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 document, visit:

July 2009 Government Releases North East Gold Coast Study

The Queensland State Government released the North East Gold Coast Study – land use, economic and infrastructure strategy on 28th July 2009.  The Study provides a comprehensive overview of the future planning options for the North East Gold Coast area (also known as the Rocky Point district).  The Study does not include the IMETT project however.  As noted in footnote 4 at the bottom of page 27, the Study’s comments on “Community motor sport activities do not include the IMETT (integrated motorsport, education, tourism and technology) proposal, which is subject to a separate investigation and assessment.”
To view the North East Gold Coast Study – land use, economic and infrastructure strategy, visit:

October 2008 Channel Seven Flashback Segment to Include IMETT Project

The IMETT Project will be included in the weekly Flashback segment on the 6.00pm News on Channel Seven in Brisbane this Sunday 26th October 2008. This week’s Flashback will feature a story on the 1954 Australian Grand Prix conducted on a temporary street at Southport, and will finish with a brief overview of the proposed IMETT Project at Norwell on the northern Gold Coast.

October 2008 ­ Government Finalises Terms of Reference

The Queensland Department of Infrastructure and Planning has finalised the Terms of Reference for the Environmental Impact Statement for the IMETT Project following a period of public consultation.
To view the Terms of Reference document, visit:

June 2008 Public Comment Sought for Draft Terms of Reference

The State Government has begun the environmental assessment process for the proposed $650 million motor racing, tourism and technology complex at Gilberton, near Ormeau.
For more information visit:

February 2008 IMETT approved as ‘Significant Project’

The State Government of Queensland has approved IMETT as a ‘significant project’. This was declared by the Co-ordinator General on 11 February 2008, and will be substantiated by an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Master Planning documentation. The approval was given based on the Initial Advice Statement previously presented to Government. IMETT is delighted by the progress of the project.

August 2007 CSIRO Study Considers Future Options for Rocky Point Cane Lands

A CSIRO study, “Future Use of the Rocky Point Cane Landscapes”, was released in August 2007. In their report, CSIRO researchers have evaluated a wide range of alternative rural land use options for the future of the Rocky Point Cane Lands. Read what they have to say about the alternatives facing future rural activities in the area, given the difficulties facing the sugar industry.

For more information visit:

Initial Advice Statement
PDF March 2008 IMETT Signs GRANDPRIXONE Agreement

IMETT Queensland Group Pty Ltd has signed its first significant agreement with revolutionary European retail concept company Grandprixone.

Download Media Release - IMETT - March 19 2008
F1 Driver Jarno Trulli and Australia’s five time world motorcycle champion, Mick Doohan.
F1 Driver Jarno Trulli and Australia's five time world motorcycle champion, Mick Doohan.
PDF Download Media Release - Open Day - July 9 2007
PDF Download Statement from Rocky Point - June 13th 2007
PDF Download Media Release - Community Meeting - June 7 2007
PDF Download Media Release - IMETT - April 2 2007